<BGSOUND SRC="letitsnow.mid"> The North Franklin Snowmobile Club maintains 90 miles of trails along ITS 84 and ITS 89.

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Our trails are in the towns of Avon, Freeman, Madrid, Phillips and Salem, Maine.

The scenery our trails offer: Heading towards Caribou Pond overlooking mountain ranges, our trails have some of the most beautiful views.

The North Franklin Snowmobile Club is nestled in the heart of the Sandy River Valley, ideally located for access to any point north, south, east and west. Serving our surrounding sport-catering community since 1970, our well-established, family-oriented club has progressed tremendously with the persistence of dedicated members and their passion for preserving a family tradition. We maintain 90 miles of scenic trails consisting of Interconnected Trail Systems (ITS 84) and (ITS 89) for a direct route connecting clubs statewide and meandering club trails for that "off the beaten path" day of joy riding.
We work closely with State and local government for funding and pride ourselves with continuing landowner cooperation, which, without, no club would exist.

Our team is committed to carrying on the tradition of this family sport with continuing success and progress.
We welcome any and all new members, not limited to, winter outdoor enthusiasts such as cross-country skiers, dog mushers and snowshoer's. Our trails provide sufficient space for all uses.

We all benefit by becoming members. Interested parties can contact a NFSC Representative at (207) 639-4674. Come experience the majestic beauty and great outdoors that nature has so bountifully given us.

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