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The North Franklin Snowmobile Club (NFSC) issues a $500.00 scholarship.

The origination of the scholarship was donated by Duane and Barbara Lewis; thereafter, funds are derived from profits of the calendar that NFSC works on.

To be eligible for a scholarship, you must be a:
1. NFSC member, or
2. NFSC memberís child/step-child or child living in household, or
3. NFSC memberís grandchild, step-grandchild, or
4. Landowner of NFSC Trails.

If no applicants from the above-listed sources, then the scholarship will be held until the next year, at which time, 2 scholarships will be granted.

This scholarship is to be used for higher education classes (not to include internet classes).

Payment will be made directly to the college in the student's 2nd semester.

There will be a board to determine who will get the scholarship.

Applicants shall submit an application and school transcripts, as well as an autobiographical essay not more than 500 words.

The scholarship deadline will be April 30th. The Scholarship Committee will make a decision by June 1st.

Members/landowners may request an application at a club meeting, download the application online or by sending a request with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: NFSC, PO Box 386, Phillips, Maine 04966.

Previous Awards Issued to:

  • 2016, Keely Marble
  • 2015, Logan Boyce
  • 2014, Patia Jellison
  • 2013, Catherine Berry
  • 2012, Hillary Chase
  • 2011, Megan Arsenault
  • 2010, Raymond Lewis
  • 2009, Eben Pinkham
  • 2008, Travis White
  • 2007, Steven Greely
  • 2006, Briana Wilkins
  • 2005, Chris Haines

Scholarship ApplicationClick here