Membership to the North Franklin Snowmobile Club is determined by the prices of the Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA).

Plus $2.00 additional for each dependent under age 19.

* Included with membership is a $2,000.00 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy through MSA and the MSA monthly newsletter.

Contact North Franklin Snowmobile Club
PO Box 386
Phillips, Maine 04966
or call (207) 639-4674 to request application
or click this link to e-mail us at E-mail NFSC!


The North Franklin Snowmobile Club is in need of new members. These are volunteer positions, but also a chance to socialize and get out to meet new people and participate in our pot luck suppers every month. We especially need help with people who can be President, just to run meetings; Vice President, one who will fill in for the President when he/she is not going to attend the meetings; and Secretary, one who can take the minutes of the meeting (typing not necessary; will receive help in that area).

Please contact (207) 639-4674 for details. We look forward to meeting you!

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