The North Franklin Snowmobile Club is a nonprofit organization that maintains the trails, which involves, clearing the trees, leveling the roadbed, building bridges, filling in potholes and grooming. The trails we maintain do not belong to the club; they belong to individual Landowners who are very important to us, for without their support we would not have our trails.

This is a job that is never-ending because the trails change each season. Every year new signs are put up on the trails designating either warnings or cautions. All of the members of the snowmobile club are volunteers. Yes, that's right, they don't get paid for the many hours they put in. Most of them are snowmobilers themselves, who love to ride, and want well-maintained trails.

Volunteers have consulted with landowners, brushed out the trail, built and repaired bridges, posted signage and, as grooming begins, are ready to welcome riders to our trails.
MSA snowmobile clubs are proud of their trail system, and welcome all visitors who ride safely, operate within the law and respect the land, the Landowners and the Club's efforts. Snowmobile Maine. Ride Right. Ride Safely. Enjoy what we have prepared for you!

PLEASE NOTE: Register your snowmobiles early and join your local club.

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